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L-carnosine CAS 305-84-0 for cellular antioxidants, maintain pH balance and prolong cell lifespan

Short Description:

Name: L-Carnosine, CAS NO. 305-84-0

Melting point: 253°C(dec.)(lit.)

Specific rotation: 20.9º(c=1.5, H2O)

Boiling point: 367.84°C (roughestimate)

Density: 1.2673 (roughestimate)

Refractive index: 21°(C=2,H2O)

Storage conditions: -20°C

Solubility: DMSO(Very Slightly), Water(Slightly)

Acidity coefficient: (pKa)2.62(at25℃)

Form: crystalline

Color: White

Water solubility: almost transparency

Stability: Stable


Product Detail

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Product Detail

Name  L-Carnosine
CAS number  305-84-0
Molecular formula  C9H14N4O3
Molecular weight  226.23
EINECS Number  206-169-9
Density  1.2673 (rough estimate)
Form  Crystalline
Storage conditions  -20°C




L-Carnosine (L-Carnosine) is a dipeptide (dipeptide, two amino acids) often present in the brain, heart, skin, muscle, kidney and stomach and other organs and tissues. L-carnosine activates cells in the human body and fights aging through two mechanisms: inhibits glycation and protects our cells from free radical damage. The consequence of glycation is uncontrolled cross-linking of sugar molecules and proteins (sugar molecules stick to each other). on proteins), loss of cellular function and incomplete gene combinations that accelerate aging. L-Carnosine also stabilizes cell membranes and reduces brain lipid peroxidation, thereby preventing nerve and brain degeneration.


L-carnosine has potential antioxidant and anti-glycosylation activities; prevents acetaldehyde-induced non-enzymatic glycosylation and protein conjugation. It is also a substrate for the detection of carnosinase, which maintains the pH balance of the body and prolongs the lifespan of cells.

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