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TRIMETHYL CITRATE 1587-20-8 for Colored Flame Candles

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CAS number: 1587-20-8

Molecular formula: C9H14O7

Molecular weight: 234.2

EINECS Number: 216-449-2

Melting point: 75-78 °C

Boiling point: 176 16mm

Density: 1.3363 (rough estimate)

Refractive index: 1.4455 (estimate)

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Product Detail

CAS number  1587-20-8
Molecular formula  C9H14O7
Molecular weight  234.2
EINECS Number  216-449-2
Melting point  75-78 °C
Boiling point  176 16mm
Density  1.3363 (rough estimate)
Refractive index  1.4455 (estimate)
Chemical Properties  White crystal powder
Storage conditions  Sealed in dry, Room Temperature
Acidity coefficient  (pKa) 10.43±0.29 (Predicted)
Safety Instructions  22-24/25




It can be used as the main burning agent for colored flame candles, and its melting point and flammability fully meet the requirements of candle products. It is a stable intermediate in the synthesis of medicine and pesticides; it is the main raw material for the production of citrazine acid; it is the main raw material for the synthesis of hot melt adhesives; it can be used as a foaming agent for methyl methacrylate polymers, acrylamide It can also be used as an intermediate in organic synthesis and as a daily chemical additive.

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