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Trimethylstearylammonium Chloride 112-03-8

Short Description:

Name: Trimethylstearylammonium Chloride

CAS number: 112-03-8

Molecular formula: C21H46ClN

Molecular weight: 348.06

EINECS Number: 203-929-1

Storage conditions: Inert atmosphere, Room Temperature

PH value: 5.5-8.5 (20℃, 0.05% in H2O)

Product Detail

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Product Detail

Name  Trimethylstearylammonium Chloride
CAS number  112-03-8
Molecular formula  C21H46ClN
Molecular weight  348.06
EINECS Number  203-929-1
Storage conditions  Inert atmosphere, Room Temperature
PH value  5.5-8.5 (20℃, 0.05% in H2O)
Water solubility  Soluble in water 1.759 mg/L @ 25°C.
 (λmax)λ:225 nm Amax:≤0.08
 λ: 260 nm Amax:≤0.06
 λ:280 nm Amax:≤0.04
 λ: 340 nm Amax:≤0.02
Stability  Stable, Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.


1831; TC-8; Octadecy trimethyl ammonium chloride; OCTADECYLTRIMETHYLAMMONIUM CHLORIDE; STAC;stearyl trimethyl ammoium chloride; STEARYLTRIMETHYLAMMONIUM CHLORIDE; Steartrimonium chloride


Octadecyltrimethylammonium chloride has good chemical stability and is widely used in hair conditioners, fabric softeners, fiber antistatic agents, silicone oil emulsifiers, asphalt emulsifiers, organic bentonite modifiers, disinfectants, Protein flocculants and water treatment flocculants in the biopharmaceutical industry, etc.

Chemical Properties

This product is light yellow colloidal liquid. The relative density is 0.884, the HLB value is 15.7, the flash point (open cup) is 180℃, and the surface tension (0.1% solution) is 34×10-3N/m. When the water solubility is 20℃, the solubility is less than 1%. Soluble in alcohol. It has excellent stability, surface activity, emulsification, sterilization, disinfection, softness and antistatic properties.


Bag: PE bag+ Aluminum bag

Vial: Ampoule vial

Carboard drum



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HAVC system

HVAC system comprises primary filter, secondary filter and high efficiency particulate air. The filter is replaced at the different intervals. The primary filters and secondary filters are required to be replaced every 6 months or when the pressure is more than twice of the initial one, and HEPA is performed with leakage test every year.

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