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Diisononyl phthalate DINP 28553-12-0

Short Description:

Name: Diisononyl phthalate

CAS number: 28553-12-0

Molecular formula: C26H42O4

Molecular weight: 418.61

EINECS Number: 249-079-5

Melting point: -48°

Boiling point: bp5 mm Hg 252°

Density: 0.972 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)

Product Detail

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Product Detail

Name  Diisononyl phthalate
CAS number  28553-12-0
Molecular formula  C26H42O4
Molecular weight  418.61
EINECS Number  249-079-5
Melting point  -48°
Boiling point  bp5 mm Hg 252°
Density  0.972 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
Vapor pressure  1 mmHg (200 °C)
Refractive index  n20/D1.485(lit.)
Flash point  235 °C
Water solubility  <0.1 g/100 mL at 21 ºC


Baylectrol4200; di-’isononyl’phthalate,mixtureofesters; diisononylphthalate,dinp; dinp2; dinp3; enj2065; isononylalcohol,phthalate(2:1); jayflexdinp


Diisononyl phthalate (DINP for short) is a transparent oily liquid with a slight odor. This product is a general-purpose main plasticizer with excellent performance. This product has good compatibility with PVC, and will not precipitate even if it is used in large quantities; its volatility, migration and non-toxicity are better than DOP, and it can endow the product with good light resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance and electrical insulation properties, and its comprehensive performance is better than that of DOP. DOP. Because the products produced by diisononyl phthalate have good water resistance and extraction resistance, low toxicity, aging resistance and excellent electrical insulation properties, they are widely used in various soft and hard plastic products, toy films, wires and cables.



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